About Us


Our History

Jon Nash and Cooper Crouse began working together in the early 1990’s.   In 2001 Jon and Cooper joined a few other partners to form a turnaround advisory firm called CRP.  That firm grew into a middle market powerhouse and was ultimately purchased by Deloitte, the world’s largest consultancy.  

Wanting a nimble firm that could take risks, Jon left to create MeadowLark in 2016.  Cooper soon joined him.  

Attracted by leadership with decades of common experience, the team has expanded to included several more talented leaders with deep experience.

Jon Nash, Our Founder

Jon founded MLA with more than 20 years of senior-management experience in a broad mix of companies.  He has served in the C-Suite of numerous companies in diverse industries.  In all of his experience he has focused on providing leadership to companies experiencing complex organizational change.

Jon has extensive experience crisis situations, solving short-term cash related issues, and leading companies as an interim executive.  Jon has planned and managed reorganization and turnaround strategies, negotiated placements of debt and equity, and successfully guided companies through bankruptcy and out-of-court restructuring.

His deep international experience includes managing companies in the Pacific Rim, the Middle East, China, and Europe.  Previously, Jon was a Principal with Deloitte’s Corporate Restructuring Group and Managing Partner at CRG Partners.

Our Team

Cooper Crouse

Managing Director

Kevin O'Shaughnessey

Managing Director